Aukana Temple

Aukana Temple

Aukana Ancient Rock Temple is a sacred Buddhist temple region that has numerous worth-seeing sacred residues including Aukana Buddha, a massive Buddha statue carved out of a large single rock, towering over 40ft height, being the specimen of excellent ancient sculpture technology of the nation. Both local and foreign pilgrims and tourists visit this sacred tourist attractions in Sri Lanka for seeing this tallest ancient standing Buddha statue of the nation, carved out elaborately in 5th century BC with an interesting history behind. Here you explore both the ancient civilization and culture and the antique yet finest stone-art of Sri Lanka.

Tourist Attractions At & Near Aukana Buddhist Temple

Aukana Village is a peaceful area with lush vegetation and shades consisting of several small temples with stupas, statues, and sacred residues. Located near the Aukana Rajamha Viharaya temple, seen at the entrance, the Aukana Buddha statue is the greatest amusement that is going to takes you over. Inside a large ancient shrine, it is a standing statue, regarded as the tallest ancient statue of Budhha with approximately 12 meters height, made out of single stone without complete separation, but with a narrow layer of rock left at the rear side of the statue offering assurance. There is one more statue of considerable height nearby in an unfinished form telling a different story. You have Kala Wewa reservoir nearby.

History Behind Aukana Temple & Buddha Statue

Being one of the best ancient statues and temples in Sri Lanka, that dates back to the 5th century, has several intrusting stories behind. Put up during the reign of Dhatusena, the statue is said to be the result of competition between a stone-sculpting master and a pupil who decided to construct Budhha statues for themselves. Whoever finishes it first has to announce the success by the bell. As per the story, the guru won and his creation is what you see as Aukana Buddha statue. Interestingly enough, the statue (Sesseruwa) made by the pupil is located 16 kilometers away at Reswehera Rajamaha Viharaya temple in an unfinished state, the archeological data differ.

Best Time & Season To Visit Aukana Temple

Having a tropical savanna climate prevailing, the region, where Aukana Buddha Temple is located, has both a dry season and wet season a year. From January through September, it is the dry season in the region perfect for your visit with varying temperatures and fluctuating odds of rain. January through May can be frequently sunny and months from May through September are driest. Normally opening from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, the best time of the day for visiting the Aukana Buddha Statue is the breaking of the first rays of Sun when carvings are best watched.

How To Reach Aukana Temple, Avukana Village?

The Avukana Buddha statue and this temple confines are located in the Avukana (Aukana) village in the Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka, near to Kekirawa Divisional Sectreteriate and Kala Wewa reservoir positioned 30 kilometers northwest of Dambulla. By road, Aukana village is reached by taking Dambulla - Anuradhapura road (A9), by Talawa road at Kekirawa. 5 kilometers past down the Talawa road, take left at Ehalagama junction. From Colombo, the Aukana is connected by railway by most trains coming via Anuradhapura. The nearest stations would be Kekirawa and Kala Wewa.

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