Why Sri Lanka Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

When it comes to visiting Sri Lanka, it really does not matter what kind of person you are and how different your tastes are. Sri Lanka, the small island country in southern Asia, is a magnificent treat from nature that everyone shall love. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who prefers the pure experience of jungle trekking and hiking or a beach bum who love sunbathing on the most pristine golden beaches, or else a culture explorer having a liking for time-old entities - whatever Sri Lanka should be your journey's end. Sri Lankan tourism boasts of all the desirable aspects of an all-in-one holiday destination - from cultural diversity to adventurous games, amazing food, and beautiful festivals. Here we break down to you the best 11 reasons that justify why Sri Lanka should be your next travel destination.

Most Scenic Train Rides

Train rides in Sri Lanka is quite amazing moments if you are a nature lover. How about sitting by the window and enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the landscapes while the train moves at a comfortable pace. The train routes in Sri Lanka pass through local villages, hillsides of tea plantations, and sandy beaches. Taking a relaxed train journey from Ella to Kandy is necessary for achieving completion on your Sri Lanka tour. The route is regarded as one of the most beautiful and scenic journeys in the world. Sometimes trains can be crowded, but traveling shall its own soothing rustic experience. Don't worry if you have not your own seat, hanging out of the doorways shall be much more fun.

Spectacular Beaches

Honeymoon? Romantic vacation getaway? You would certainly love Sri Lanka's mesmerizing golden sand beaches that enjoy the proximity of turquoise shallow lagoons. With wide sandy areas with comfortable shades, there is a lavish choice of palm-lined beaches on all the coastal lines of the country, with most of them located on the southern shores. Most beach destinations provide a wide range of recreational activities on the water like diving, snorkeling, excursions, and water sports like kayaking, parasailing, jetskiing and paddling. Travelers shall find both luxury and budgetary accommodation options and restaurants right on the oceanfront where nightlife is quite vibrant. Read more about the best beach destinations in Sri Lanka.

Astonishing Hill Countries

If you are into trekking and hiking in the most natural environments where landscapes are quite diverse and vibrant with high emerald peaks, mist-wrapped mountain gapes, rugged terrain, waterfalls, and free-flowing lakes and rivers, hill countries of Sri Lanka are your right rendezvous for perfect merry-making. Needless to say, if you are one who enjoys the unadulterated beauty of nature. Most of the hill countries (highlands) are located in the central region of the country where mountains are vegetated and several tea plantations are available to explore. Many highlands of the country are remarkable for their perfect viewpoints. Here you explore the heights in daytime and wind down by a log fire in the evenings. The prominent hill countries worth visiting include Nuwara Eliya, Ella, and Haputale.

Sri Lankan Foods

Although it looks like Indian Cuisine, boasts of a lavish selection of flavor combinations and spicing with its own yet non-native ingredients. Simply put, rice and curry are their main menu for all mealtimes with most curries made with seafood, spices, coconut, and jack-fruit, like fish curry, green jackfruit curry, and chicken curry. Various side dishes shall accompany made with local vegetables shall accompany your meal. Sri Lankan staples also include hoppers (like a pancake), string hoppers (steamed rice noodles), pittu (simply made of rice flour and coconut, Lamparis, seafood like prawns, lobster, crabs, and other popular fishes. For tea breaks, you must try its countryside tea stalls where nice teas and coffees coupled with a wide variety of fried-snacks.

Cultural Triangle

Sri Lanka is one of few counties that has a rich cultural heritage and vibrant past that defined the very identity of the country before the world. The cultural triangle, a conceptual boundary in the center portion of the country, is one of the best-visited tourist destinations that is constituted by cities like Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Yapahuwa, Dambulla, and Buduruwagala. All around the region, there are historically and culturally relevant entities that date back thousands of years back like several UNESCO world heritages, Buddhist monasteries, temples, monuments, architectures, caves, stupas, shrines, sculptures, murals, remnants of country's customs, festivals, and traditions - with most of them being either largest or the most antique of the world. Exploring them, you shall get an insight into what the country looked like in time-old days. Not only religion, but the country's culture is also largely affected by vibrant art traditions as well.

Wild Elephants

Sri Lanka is one of the Asian countries that are in possession of the largest number of elephants and keeps a high density of wild Asian elephants, credits go the country's appreciable wildlife preservation. Here travelers are open to watching hoards of elephants freely roaming and engaging in their normal daily life affairs in the most genuine ways. According to the report by World Animal Protection Organization, there are five to six thousands of elephants in the country as in various wild reserves. There are Six places for you to see wild elephants in Sri Lanka  - Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks, Elephant Transit Home, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. In most of them, you shall be offered jeep safari through the forest allowing you to have a closer look at them.

Wild Life

Being a jungle-rich country with different forms of landscapes and marine environment, Sri Lanka possesses a plethora of splendid natural habitats that are home to a lavish collection of flora and fauna, with the considerable amount being endemic to the country, animal and bird wealth and fantastic marine world. The country has 26 national wildlife parks which together sum up to an area of 5734 km2 where animals are kept and protected with freedom and care. Travelers are allowed to enter parks for observing the flora and fauna. Keeping highest rates of biological endemism in the world, Sri Lanka is home to around 23 species of mammals, 433 species of birds (both local and migratory), 93 species of freshwater fishes, with the major wildlife attractions being leopard, elephant, sloth bear, blue whale, and sperm whale.

Wondrous Tea Estates

Central Highlands of Sri Lanka stretching from Hatton, Bogawanthalawa, Dickoya to Nuwara Eliya, the scenic lushly vegetated mountain regions of the country, are blessed with several well-known tea plantations where premium quality tea powder variants are produced and exported to the various corners of the world. It was in 1867, the tea plantations were introduced in the country by colonial forces in an attempt to compete with China. Ever since the country started the large scale production of the world's finest teas of several flavors. Lipton tea is one of the renowned brands being cultivated here. There are stunning viewpoints near them where you would like enjoying the spectacular views of the hillsides of Sri Lanka. At plantations, you can take a stroll amidst plants, taste its teas, and take home its products.

Ayurveda Spa Treatments

Sri Lanka is always known for its pure rendering of antique forms of oriental spa therapies and massages that would refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body. All over the country, especially on the beaches, spa centers are easy to find in plenty. Affordable service charges is the striking aspect of spa centers of Sri Lanka due to the excess availability. Massage varieties of various oriental countries, like Indonesia, Bali and Thai are available in addition to Sri Lanka's own unique methods of body wellness. Ayurveda therapies, natural beauty services, hydrotherapy, herbal baths, reflexology, yoga classes, and body treatment are provided as well.

White Water Rafting

Sri Lanka is the place to enjoy the thrilling experience of white water rafting which is an extremely recreational water sports variant. It does not require great physical strength to try them on the rivers and lakes of the country. The water is quite friendly and safe although turbulent and perfect for exhilarating moments. Kitulgala, a small village in the central plain on the river Kelani, is the popular white water rafting spot in the country. In addition to riding the tides of the Kelani river, other popular tourist sports Kitulgala provides are confidence jump, waterfall abseiling, stream sliding, bird watching, jungle trekking, and cave exploration.


Although there is a general assumption that Sri Lanka can be a bit expensive than other similar Asian countries, the fact is based on several things. As for continental and western travelers, Sri Lanka is quite an affordable holiday destination. There are a lot of things you need to factor in to stay under budget or less expensive. First of all, you need to have a gentle preparation and a clear-cut knowledge about the country, its travel means, tourist destinations, and possible scams. Otherwise, as long as you don't pursue high-end amenities and facilities during the vacation, Sri Lanka is quite affordable. It is just as well being local and less luxurious when visiting countries like Sri Lanka for getting the maximum of your visit. Why not choosing local foods instead of going to top-notch restaurants? Why not boarding in a train instead of waving down a taxi? Most tourist places in Sri Lanka do not levy a large sum of a fee to enter, Plus accommodation is available in plenty for budget prices as well.

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