Things To Do Around Ella Sri Lanka

Ella, a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province in Sri Lanka, is a magnificent hill station surrounded by picturesque nature perfect for travelers with strong wanderlust. Though a small town, Ella has it all, the fabulous natural feasts of unique Sri Lankan geography, to inspire you and amuse you. Roam in the misty and vegetated tea plantations perched amidst picture-perfect green hills. Or explore caves and waterfalls feeling the soul and smell of nature.

To get to Ella, all sorts of travel means are there to assist you. If you don't prefer private taxi or tuk tuks, you must try the train ride which is the most amazing. The train journey from Ella to Kandy is famous for the scenic beauty it provide and is regarded as the best train ride in the world. Ella is one of the best visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka that you can visit all year around with a nice weather hanging out around. Anyway, the perfect time and season to visit Ella can be March to June (summer season) and December to February (winter).

Here read about five fantastic things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka, that shall make your journey a spectacular experience that worth all your climbing, walking and traveling.

Nine Arches Bridge

Being the clear-cut example of railway construction in Sri Lanka in the colonial era, The Nine Arch Bridge, also knows as the bridge in the sky, is viaduct bridge constructed in 1921. Made of stones and bricks, the bridge has a grand dimension of a total length of 300 ft, a width of 25 ft and a height of 80 ft, as in nine spans. Exactly located in Demodara, halfway between Ella and Demodara railway station, amidst the scenic natural environment, both the bridge and the region have been a great tourist spot in the Ella region for the architectural wonders of the bridge and the stunning greenery stretching over the adjacent hillsides. You can either hire a taxi or take a 30-minutes walk to reach the top of the bridge. You would like the panoramic views and sunrise moments of here.

Ravana Water Falls

Regarded as one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Ravana Falls, commonly known as Ravana Alla, is a spectacular tourist destination in the Ella town for sightseeing and enjoying the elegance of nature. Forming a part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, the waterfall comes down from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop covering 25 meters height in its way down with a considerable width. Both adventure seekers and nature lovers shall definitely love this spot where you would swim in beautiful water bodies enjoying the stunning views of the rocks and greenery. The fall earns its name from Indian Hindu epic, Ramayana for the role the falls and the nearby caves played in the story of Rama and Ravana. Located just 6 Kilometers away from the local railway station at Ella, the Ravana waterfalls is quite easy to reach; Only a 10-minutes drive or a short journey on the local bus would take you.

Ravana's Cave

For its great historical significance and the scenic natural surrounding, the Ravana caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, located just 2 Kilometers away from Ella town. The caves are quite wild and a great stuff to explore by taking a breath-taking stroll through the caves. You would like watching the vegetated greenery all around the hill station. Going couple meters further, the Ravana falls is nearby where you enjoy one of the widest water falls in Sri Lanka with 25 meters height. Take tour of the cave and go swimming in the water bodies beneath the falls. According to the Indian epic, Ramayana, Ravana, the Lankan king hid Sita, the wife of Rama, the hero of the epic, in these caves, hence the name. With all the ingredients for a thrilling adventurous experience, the caves are pretty steep in the beginning. Keep with you better clothing and boots to visit Ravana caves.

Little Adam's Peak

Another hillside beauty of Sri Lankan highlands! Located less than six Kilometers away from Ella town, Little Adams Peak, the miniature form of famous Adam's Peak in Nuwara Eliya in structure and beauty, is a lavishly vegetated peak with breathtaking 360 degree views of the valleys beneath like Ella Rock and Ella Gap. Being one of the interesting and comfortable trekking destinations in Sri Lanka, the Little Adams Peak provides a total of two hours of scenic trekking passing tea plantations, a hillside village and stunning view points. Starting from Ella Town, it would take you 45 minutes to the base of the mountain and another 15 minutes take you to the top. Never stop, walk down the ridge for 5 minutes to access the next hill, which would be a lovely trekking moments,only to get you to its final peak where visions are awesome. Visiting during late afternoon, you shall get to watch beautiful sundown moments.

Ella Rock

Ella Rock is another superb hiking destination in Ella, Sri Lanka, that offers wonderful views across the hillsides of the Ella region like Little Adam's Peak and Ella Gap. With confusing trekking trails and scenic passages, exploring Ella Rock is one of the best enjoyed adventurous activities that you can go for visiting Sri Lanka. With a total distance of 10 Kilometers in round trip coverage, the hiking at Ella Rock shall take you less than three hours to finish and is liable to enjoying at free of cost. Starting the journey as early as possible in the morning shall give you a refreshing experience coupled with a morning exercises and shall land you back in Ella allowing you to take on another destination in Ella. Carry with you some snacks and drinks to keep you energized all the while and being accompanied by locals is a recommendation for travelers since the trails are not adequately signposted and can be a bit confusing, but only to the thrilling experience of yours.

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