13 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka For Beach Holiday!

In South Asia, Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation amidst the Indian Ocean known for the large collection of finest beach destinations everywhere on all the four coastal lines with wild natural beauty and idyllic looks. Being a travel destination of all sorts of attraction, visiting beaches in Sri Lanka is not all about vacationing on its golden sand ocean fronts. But here majority of them are a residue of some ancient civilization or relevant historical past, facilitating a cultural expedition as well for you.

Though beach destinations are found all around the coastal lines, the majority are found on the south west portion of the country with miles of sandy stretch and wild elegance encircling the jungle-filled interiors that house various other forms of tourist attractions. Beach holidays and accommodation are pretty much affordable here in Sri Lanka and perfectly enjoyed by everyone regardless of taste and discretion.

Since there are many to choose from, here we would like to suggest you the best beach in Sri Lanka 2020 with resorts and leisure for your holidays. Here you can relax on the shores enjoying the unadulterated environmental beauty of beaches and oceans, take part in a wide range of water sports and ocean activities. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon getaway or a family holiday to enjoy with your spouse and kids, you are most welcome here.

#1 Arugam Bay

Located on the south east coast of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is one of the affordable beach holiday destination for all kinds of travelers, featuring tranquil ocean and long stretches of golden sands fringed by palm trees and vegetation. Regarded as surfing paradise, this moon-shaped sand land is literally one of the best surf destinations in the world itself where you have mainly three surf spots, one being the on the main bay itself and the rest situated couple minutes drive away. Apart from the water sports, historic places, temples, nearby Kumana national park and local beaches are other attractions in here. Located 360 kilometers away from Colombo airport, it takes nearly 5 hours on the car to reach Arugam Bay.

#2 Batticaloa Beach Galore (Kallady Beach)

Batticaloa Beach is a prominent beach resort destination in the eastern province of Sri Lanka featuring a plethora of adorable sandy beaches that enjoy the tranquil oceanfront and laid-back atmosphere for holidays. Since the region lies largely unexplored, Batticaloa, also known as Kallady Beach, still treasures wild natural beauty for its visitors. Along with roaming the city, water sports and beach hopping are the main activities you enjoy here. Located 280 kilometers from Colombo Airport, this beach resort is accessed in 6 hours car drive.

#3 Bentota Beach

Positioned on the west coast of the nation, Bentota is one of the most popular beach destinations in Sri Lanka where a large number of tourists frequent every year. With golden sandy beach fringed by waving ideal-high palm trees, Bentota beach is among the few tourist places in Sri Lanka that have been prepared for the tourism industry with comfortable accommodation, restaurants and recreational programs.

The peculiarity about this beach destination is that it is a long stand-alone piece of lush island that stretched far out to the ocean surrounded by lovely ocean water from either side; thus giving you private-island looks. In addition to water sports and beach hopping, you can enjoy cycling day tours, trekking excursions, vibrant nightlife, fishing and watching dolphins. Located just 100 kilometers away from Colombo airport, the Bentota beach is reached by 1 hour on a car.

#4 Beruwala Beach

Beruwala is another popular beach destination in Sri Lanka providing more than relaxed holiday moments for the visitors. Located near to the Bentota beach resort, Beruwala also is prepared with accommodation and restaurants for the guests. As for the interesting history of the region, it was occupied by tradesmen from Arab countries in 8th century and still, the region has a large Muslim population. You have golden sand beaches, the biggest fishing harbors, and the oldest mosques here to see.

The fun moments at Beruwala beach range from a wide variety of water sports and beach hopping to visiting historical and religious monuments in the city. Around 90 kilometers away from Colombo airport, Beruwala, a marvelous holiday destination, is reached by 1-hour car drive.

#5 Colombo Beach

Colombo beach is one of the busier and festive-mode beach holiday destinations in Sri Lanka yet keeping pristine natural elegance of oceanfront and lagoon water, unharmed by the city's infrastructure. Since located near the airport city, beaches in Colombo are visited by a large number of people and having all the finest preparations for tourists, like resort accommodation, food corners, and other fun programs.

Being the oldest seaport in the country, Colombo beach was regularly frequented by merchants from far off nations, thus leaving several remarkable tourist attractions in the region. Here you have an adorable golden sand beach, museums, zoo, and historical monuments and leisure activities include water sports, city tours, and cultural exploration. It is just 30 kilometers away from the airport.

#6 Hikkaduwa Beach

Positioned on the southwest coastline line of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa beach is well-renowned as the second best surfing site in the country. Rebuilt after destructed by the Tsunami in 2004, this beachfront town in the nation is now one of the prominent beach holiday destinations for enjoying a wide variety of water sports, surfing and snorkeling.

The interesting aspect of Hikkaduwa beach is that couple hundred meters away from the shore, it treasures a stunning coral sanctuary where you can find around 70 varieties of different-colored corals that would make your snorkeling one-of-a-kind experience underwater. The beach is just 144 kilometers away from Colombo airport and reached in less than 2 hours on a car.

#7 Kalkudah Beach (Passikudah)

Kalkudah is a marvelous beach holiday destination on the eastern province of Sri Lanka where you would see the most pristine form of the turquoise ocean and neatly-kept golden sand fringed by palm trees and vegetation. On the beach, shades are found here and there and you shall have your daybeds and hammocks underneath of them if you don't prefer a sunbath.

Due to the unpleasant occurrence of Tsunami and several civil wars, this coastal town has still not achieved its due development. But tourists are offered all the hospitalities, facilities and accommodation nearby. Kalkudah and Passikudah beaches are just two kilometers apart and water sports and beach moments are the main activities you are enjoying here. At Passikudah, wildlife reserves, gardens, ancient temples, and cultural sites are other tourist attractions. Located around 260 kilometers away from Colombo airport, you shall reach here by a 6-hour car drive.

#8 Kalpitiya Beach

Perfect for a peaceful beach holiday moments, Kalpitiya is yet another captivating beach resort on the western coast of Sri Lanka featuring a least explored oceanfront of golden sands and turquoise lagoons where a soothing atmosphere prevails all the time. In addition to a plethora of water sports and activities, dolphin watching and whale watching are two other interesting activities awaiting you here.

Thanks to the Kalpitiya lagoon, kiting is best enjoyed in here with perfect weather and wind. Other tourist attractions in the region include the Dutch Fort, St. Peter's Kerk church and wildlife reserves. Since this beach destination gets a smaller number of visitors, this region is literally calm and less busier. Located 144 kilometers away from Colombo airport, Kalpitiya shall be reached in 3 hours on a car.

#9 Matara Beach

Matara beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka with a lot of fun activities for the visitors. Regarded as the finest whale watching spot in Asia, Matara beach has easy access to whale sanctuary in the Indian Ocean from its harbor in Mirissa.

In addition to water sports and beach hopping, visiting cultural sites, ancient temples, museums, gardens and trekking and hiking in wildlife reserves are other things to do in Matara. The region had been under the strong influence of Sinhalese Buddhist tradition for a long time; hence benefiting from religious monuments for the posterity.

Remember the Matara city has even more to show you like several other beaches, lighthouse, fort, and old trade center. Located 180 kilometers away, Matara beach is reached in 3 hours on a car.

#10 Negombo Beach

With stunning landscape beauty of golden beaches and ocean, Negombo is closed beach resort destination on the west coast where Negombo lagoon is situated nearby which is a large semi-encircled seaside water body featuring various natural resources, being home to an expansive stretch of mangroves that home some serious ecological habitat boasting of more than 190 wildlife species and plenty of birds.

Boating tours and sightseeing would be the activities you will enjoy at the Negombo lagoon. In the city region, the tourist attractions include ancient temples, cultural sites, gardens, museums, national park, and wildlife reserves for trekking and hiking. The Negombo beach is just 8 kilometers away from Colombo airport.

#11 Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli is an emerging beach destination on the eastern coast of the island enjoying remoteness and a charming setting of palm trees fringing this 4 kilometers long golden sand oceanfront where nice resorts and hotels studded across.

The Nilaveli, as a strip of land, stretches far out to the water with lagoon on either side and lush vegetation in the middle, as more like a secluded private island. Two kilometers offshore, Pigeon Island, a small rocky island with turquoise water all around, is one of the best attractions here, which is the finest spot for diving and snorkeling on to the clear depths of coral reefs. In the city, you get to see several ancient temples, national parks, cultural sites, museums, and wildlife reserves.

The Nilaveli beach situates 16 kilometers northwest of Trincomalee city and 246 km away from Colombo city.

#12 Trincomalee Beach

Being home world's fifth-largest natural harbor, Trincomalee is a historic port city located on the eastern corner of Sri Lanka where Tamil speaking culture is dominant.

The Trincomalee beach is a stunning beach holiday destination for leisure and relaxes where the soft golden beach neatly descends to the turquoise ocean. Extending out to the water, the lush beach is flanked by lagoon waters from either side and provision for accommodation for visitors is available in plenty on the shore itself. Apart from this adorable beach, the city of Trincomalee, which has an eventful past of world war 2, has historical monuments, cultural sites, forts and temples for you to enjoy in addition to water sports and underwater experiences. The city of Trincomalee is 240 kilometers away from Colombo city and takes you 6 hours car drive to reach.

#13 Weligama Beach

Although a newly-emerged beach holiday destination in the south of Sri Lanka, Weligama is one of the much sought-after tourist spots for its appealing golden sand oceanfront and finest surfing location where hoards of visitors have a great time merry-making with their surfboards. This beach region has in possession several other tourist attractions to amuse you, like forts, historical and cultural monuments, temples, its own fishing industry and an interesting offshore island named Taprobane.

The accommodation for visitors is quite lavish here with the advent of several high-end hotels like Marriott. Located 170 kilometers away from Colombo airport, Weligama beach is reached by 2 hours of car drive.

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