How To book a Holiday Package To Sri Lanka And Maldives?

"How can we get a holiday package to Sri Lanka and Maldives on budget deals?" - As South Asian based travel advisers, this is one of the largely asked questions by gallivants from Australians quite recently! First of all, it is appreciated that the wanderlust instinct inside you has truly found the best travel destinations around the world, congrats!

Asked what are the best Asian countries to visit for an all-in-one experience of fun, luxury and adventures, Maldives and Sri Lanka shall top the list for all the right reasons! For a typical Australian who loves to travel a lot, these two South Asian countries have it all - Pristine beaches, lagoons, jungles, underwater life, and leisure!

Here we are giving a much-sought-after solution to your queries and worries about getting perfect budget holiday packages to Sri Lanka and Maldives from Australia! You shall either get separate tour packages to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Or following the trend, a conjoint tour of both of them is also available!

Here we break down to you everything about taking a trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka from Australia! Tips, packages, and the essential knowledge about these South Asian countries in a nutshell.

Sri Lanka & Maldives - The True Beauties Of Scenic South Asia

Being home to various cultures, ethnicity, and languages, Sri Lanka is a small island country in the Indian Ocean with a rich cultural history and colonial heritage. The geography of the country is quite mesmerizing with three major structures - coastal areas of 1585 km long in total with 45 estuaries and 40 lagoons, flat plains with 103 rivers, and central highlands home to 51 natural waterfalls. Sri Lankan tourism does not offer a laid-back luxury experience, but an adventurous journey of sightseeing, cultural exploration, history learning, water sports, and beach funs. A plethora of beaches, waterfalls, wildlife reserves, timeless ruins from ancient and colonial history, historic places, peaks, and pilgrimage places await the travelers here.

The Maldives, on the other hand, is a beautiful blend of stunning marine landscapes and the top-notch resort accommodation. Gently hidden in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a collection of thousands of inhabited, uninhabited and privately owned islands. Maldives tourism offers extravagant and personalized beach accommodation providing a wide variety of fun and five-star comforts. There are more than a hundred private beach island resorts in the Maldives fully-fledged for luxury honeymoon and vacations. Surrounded by beryl lagoons amidst the ocean, these resorts come with white sandy shores and lushly vegetated lands. International dining, spa wellness, water sports, and marine excursions are just a few of the Maldivian tropical holidays.

Essential Info You Should Know Before Visiting Sri Lanka & Maldives!

There is some basic knowledge you should be aware of when visiting these holiday destinations that shall help you best enjoy its offerings for the tourists. As you are traveling from Australia, another continent, distance to these countries shall be one of the main concerns. Let's delve into everything case by case!

Considering the air travel distance (bird-fly), Sri Lanka is around 6810 Kilometers (4232 miles) away from Australia and shall take you nearly 8 hours on a direct-flight flying at an average speed. By the time, Australia is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans largely speak Sinhalese; but no worry, the majority can comprehend English and return simple phrases. As for the currency, the Australian Dollar keeps higher transaction rates against Sri Lankan Rupee. 1 AUD equals 120 LKR on average.

Whereas the air travel distance (birds fly) between Australia and Maldives is 7150 Kilometers (4443 miles) and the required time to travel is roughly 8 hours if you fly on a direct flight with normal speed from Australia to the Maldives. Considering the time difference, Australia is 6 hours ahead of Maldives. Although people from the Maldives speak Dhivehi language, English to them is more than a second language. They can communicate with you in better English with fine accents and phrases. Speaking of the currency exchange, 1 AUD is equal to 10 Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) on average.

Australians Need VISA To Travel To Sri Lanka & Maldives?

If you are a tourist, Maldives require no VISA from an Australian to enter the nation. You shall get an on-arrival VISA valid for 30 days once you went through the checkout processes at Velana International Airport. You can extend the VISA duration by contacting the Department of immigration before your free-visa expires.

Whereas for visiting Sri Lanka you need a pre-arrival VISA which is easily accessible by applying online. People from certain countries are only provided the entry. Australians can apply online at a fee of around 53 Australian Dollars (35 USD). It shall take 24 to 48 hours to process normally. Otherwise, you can get a VISA on arrival by paying 40 United States Dollars (around 60 AUD) at Colombo airport in cash. Better go for the online thing.

Flight Details & Ticket Prices From Australia To Sri Lanka & Maldives!

From all the major airports in Australia, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane, there is an adequate number of aircraft flying to both Sri Lanka and Maldives operated by dominant airlines in the world.

Colombo is the major international airport in Sri Lanka where you need to book your tickets to. You shall get flights to Colombo from Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney on a regular basis. Flights with one or more stops are available and going for a flight with one-stop shall be a perfect choice since it is budgetary and not that much time-consuming.

For a one-way ticket to Colombo on a flight with one stop from any airports in Australia shall cost you somewhere between A$ 300 to 500 with the Brisbane having a bit more higher rates. Sri Lankan Airlines flies a direct service from Melbourne to Colombo for around A$ 800. The round-trip ticket cost shall be nearly double. Do the math!

Speaking about the flight details to the Maldives, all the above-mentioned airports in Australia has service to Velana International Airport (MLE) in Maldives. Flights with one or more stops are available. Choosing flights with a number of stops shall be tiring and not preferable when going for a vacation. Flights with one-stop are always the best since there is no direct flight available. It can be budgetary and quick as well.

For a one-way ticket to Maldives from any airports in Australia on a flight with one-stop shall cost you somewhere between A$ 300 and 500. Brisbane always tends to cost higher.

All-In-One Budget Holiday Packages To Sri Lanka & Maldives For Australians!

As one of the authentic tour operators of South Asian countries with years of experience and well-reputed performance, how can we not care for the cravings of our loyal travel lovers from Australia who always search for a joint holiday package to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Go for a discrete blend of experiences that shall educate you, enlighten you, intoxicate you and entertain you. Visit two different countries with entirely different geographies, tourist attractions, and recreations.

In Sri Lanka, you drift from place to place seeking the wonders of antiquity, exploring the nuances of the colonial period of the world, and visiting lushly vegetated hillsides and scenic locations. After that, you might probably be craving some super relaxation coupled with fun. That is why we are gonna next land you in the Maldives, the place for the utmost bliss of comfortable accommodation. Luxurious living on the private islands amidst the Indian Ocean with personalized entertainment experience.

Through our special conjoint vacation deals for people from Australia, we set forth a super mix of different experiences wrapped in a single package! Check out our customized packages here. We can assure you that these tour packages shall get you the best affordable prices and rates compared with any other separate or joint tour packages.

Combined Holiday Packages To Sri Lanka & Maldives - Itinerary And Inclusions!

For those seeking budget holiday packages to Sri Lanka and Maldives from Australia, these are the finest options you could ever get, no doubt. It is doubtful whether you can think of a Maldives tour along with the price range we put in this combined program! Double destinations, mixed experiences, well-planned itinerary, caring supervision, complimentary inclusions, and budget prices are the characteristics of our special deals for Australians.

The package shall be of 10 nights and 11 days with the first half being in Sri Lanka and the second half being in Maldives. In Lanka, your tour itinerary shall show you around Colombo, Harbarana and Kandy - the main three tourist locations in the country. In Maldives, Malahini Kuda Bandos Resort shall be your island resort for staying 5 nights - a magnificent beach destination full of fun and comforts.

Itinerary shall be as follows;

  • Day 01 - Arrival - Negombo
  • Day 02 - Habarana
  • Day 03 - Habarana
  • Day 04 - Kandy
  • Day 05 - Kandy
  • Day 06 - 10 - Maldives
  • Day 11 - Departure to Australia

Click here to see the package itinerary and price

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