Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a small fishing town in the Matara district on the south coast of Sri Lanka. There lies this picture-perfect Mirissa bay beach with adorable water stretches and golden sands hidden in the dense groves of coconut palm trees. Known for its vibrant nightlife experience, Mirissa Beach is a popular destination where beach bums shall enjoy a plethora of activities like water sports, excursions, and snorkeling - especially blue whale watching. Located 146 Kilometers south of Colombo, the secluded Mirissa Beach is a couple of Kilometers away from the lovely Weligama Beach.

Tourist Attractions in Mirissa

There are several curious things for you to visit in the coastal region of Mirissa, the foremost one being the Mirissa beach. Mirissa Beach is neat and beautiful at all times with plenty of beach spaces blessed with not-crowded ambiance. The shallow waterfront is a mesmerizing blend of blue and green while the golden sandy stretch is fringed by long lines of palm trees.

Much more secluded, the so-called Secret Beach is a must-visit spot around Mirissa with a suitable location for sunbathing and swimming. The Doctor's House, 15-minutes ride away, is an exclusive place for music, drinks and dining. The Coconut Tree Hill is a small coconut farm on a hilltop with breathtaking sunset views. The Parrot Rock Bridge between the beaches where lots of crow flying around is a mini viewpoint to observe a bit of the Mirissa. Unless high tide, you can walk around the rock pool. Weligama, the popular surf beach, is just within 10-minutes travel distance while Dalawella, the family-oriented beach destination, shall be accessed with 15-minutes travel. A 35-minuted drive away, you have Koggala town at the edge of a lagoon where the traditional Stilt Fishing shall amuse your eyes.

Best Time To Visit Mirissa Beach

What is the best time to visit this southern coastal destination? Simply put, it is a year-round destination with pleasant atmosphere and neat surroundings. But months from November through March get less amount of rain making it ideal for beach lovers an unobstructed sunbath. Also, considering its featured attraction, whale watching, it is assumed that months from October through May are perfect for spotting whales and dolphins near the beach.

Things To Do At Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach is a beautiful destination with a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. Not just winding down on the loungers enjoying the marine beauty, Mirissa goads you to do some action. On and off the beach, you have several activities to take part in. You can hire a scooter and hop the beach to far distance. Here and there you can see turtles ashore. The ocean water is very clear with friendly waves making itself perfect for swimming, sport fishing, and enjoying a plethora of water sports including surfing and kayaking.

Surfing is so funny since it is available for beginners to intermediates. You could rent a board from nearby. For a peaceful ocean excursion, there are cruises around the bay. Snorkeling is best experienced here since the colorful reefs with turtles around are just a few minutes boat ride away. Whale watching is what makes the beach a must-visit one especially during the months from October through May. You could see whales and dolphins just meters away from your boat.

Accommodation, Dining & Vibrant Nightlife At Mirissa Beach

Accommodation is available in plenty right on the beach where the ocean views are caught in purity. There are several hotels and lodges that can offer you comfy and affordable stay. Speaking of dining, you don't have to walk downtown to get you some delicious dishes because the beach itself is lined up numerous food courts that can offer you various seafood varieties and local dishes along with refreshing drinks. Mirissa Beach is well known for its vibrant nightlife moments. Once the dark fell, the restaurants shall turn their frontage into a festive and romantic area by putting tables out and decorating the surroundings with light lanterns and candles. People shall gather here. They drink, dine, and dance till late at night. There would be barbecue sessions going on nearby.

Where Located & How To Reach Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is located on the southern coastal line of Sri Lanka, 146 Kilometers south of Colombo. It is directly on the A2 highway that connects Colombo to Wellawaya through Galle. Mirissa Beach is located around 35 Kilometers away from Galle while Matara city is just 12 Kilometers away. From Galle or Colombo, you can take the bus, the train or a taxi to get here.

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