Fort Frederick

A wonderful example of an eventful colonial past and heritage of Sri Lanka! Fort Frederick, also known as Trincomalee Fort, is a defensively important blockhouse initially put up by the Portuguese in 1623 and rebuilt by the Dutch later, using the debris of the popular ancient Hindu Koneswaram temple. Although under the control of the Sri Lankan military currently, visitors are able to explore the fort and its show-things, which would be a real-life looking back into the soul of Sri Lanka. Make time for visiting Fort Frederick when you are in Trincomalee.

Tourist Attractions At Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick is really significant in terms of its colonial past and heritage since it has witnessed the occupation by the Portuguese, Dutch and English. Cannons and artillery shall be on show around the enclave. Inside the fort, there would be freely-roaming spotted deers that add to your natural sightseeing experience. The fort also features a sacred Hindu temple, a Buddhist Vihara, and the Wellesley Lodge. The panoramic view of the Trincomalee beach from the fort shall be quite amazing, especially at sundown. The famous "Lovers Leap" is also nearby.

History of Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

It was in 1624, Fort Frederick, otherwise known as Trincomalee Fort, was erected by the Portuguese at the farthest narrow peninsula of Trincomalee. The fort was built from the debris of Koneswaram temple, also known as Temple of a Thousand Pillars - a famous Hindu shrine in the country. The Portuguese were destroying the temple for the construction of the fort. The remaining parts were dumped into the sea. Later the renovation was held by the Dutch who dismantled the infrastructure and rebuilt to the current shape in 1665 and renamed it, Fort Frederick. In 1795, the British had seized the fort. Now it is managed by the Sri Lankan military.

How To Get To Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

Less than three Kilometers away from Trincomalee railway station, the Frederick Fort is located on the farthest peninsula of the region, on Konesar road. Most probable your journey shall be commencing from the railway station. You have to park your vehicles by the nearby parking lot and you shall either hire a tuk-tuk or proceed on your foot. From the parking lot, it is just 1 Kilometer away. The best time to visit the fort shall be from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm, and it shall take you around 1.30 hours to explore this tourist destination.

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