Ella Rock

Ella Rock

Climb up to the sky and stand suspended over the white clouds enjoying the beauty of scenic Sri Lankan highlands. Regarded as the world's best walks, Ella Rock is a superb hiking spot in Ella with stunning views of magnificently vegetated hillsides. The trekking trial of Ella Rock is quite interesting with its challenging existence and unmatched scenery. Ella is a beautiful highland town in the south of Sri Lanka and is the proper destination If you are into the hillside beauty of the country. The train journey to Ella to Kandy is considered to be the best train experience in the world.

Tourist Attractions At Ella Rock

If you are visiting Sri Lanka, roaming around Ella is a mandatory thing to experience. Ella is a small place with superb natural beauty located amidst the scenic highlands of the country. The city simply consists of a railway station, the main road, and various guesthouses. The forest is dense and the scenery is stunning. There are waterfalls, tea plantations and various other tourist spots to explore in Ella. The Ella Rock is quite magnificent with an adventurous trekking trail through vegetation and rocks. The summit of the rock is blessed with panoramic views over the nearby hillsides.

Best Time To Visit Ella Rock, Sri Lanka?

Although a year-round travel destination, the best time to explore the Ella Rock and Ella region shall be months from March through June when Ella experience quite a pleasing summer weather throughout with sunny days and no rain. The winter season also, months from December through February, would be perfect for non-tiring hiking and roaming in this hillside region. Visiting during two monsoons is not recommended since going out would not be nice and the trekking trails shall be muddy and full of leeches.

A Hike To Ella Rock

A hike to Ella Rock in the early morning is the popular activity all tourists would like to do here. It would be a beautiful round-trip trekking experience of 4 hours that starts from the Ella town. The journey shall be passing through adorable countryside, greenish tea plantations, and rustic railway lines until you reach the peak of the rock. The path shall be quite confusing, be cautious. But it shall only add to the adventurous experience of your trekking. Sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty of the region shall really keep you captivated throughout the journey. Remember to put on quality boots in order to keep the leeches away.

How To Get To Ella Rock, Sri Lanka?

Ella Rock, the hike destination of the region, is pretty much closer to the Ella city. You should not be taking any vehicle to get to the spot. Because it is assumed to be an on-foot expedition. No matter which major tourist arena, you are heading down to Ella, you shall get all sorts of transportation to this highland - bus, train or taxi. If you are heading from Kandy, there is no choice other than boarding on its train, the well-known train experience in the world. On the hiking trail, cross the footbridge and take a left after coming to a fork in the route. Go straight after tea plantations to reach the summit.

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