Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls

The most spectacular tourist attraction of the Badulla city, Dunhinda Falls is one of the bewildering cascades in Sri Lanka with scenic environment of wild beauty. Enjoying a lovely waterfall, sightseeing amidst the jungle and a mini-hiking for you - Dunhinda WaterFalls is really worth a visit during your Sri Lankan tour if you admire the diversity of Sri Lankan landscapes. Created by the river Badulu Oya, the falls was named such for its resemblance to the human eye. In the Sinhalese language, 'Dunhinda' means 'to vapor' and so plummets down the downpour as well.

Tourist Attractions At Dunhinda Waterfall

After passing down a pleasantly-vegetated hillside, the Dunhinda Waterfalls goes through a narrow gap between craggy rocks and forms a magnificent smoky cascade of 63 meters height, ultimately crashing into a vast basin at the bottom. The total premises boasts of a stunning natural environment full of diverse flora and fauna - butterflies, monkeys, birds, nice shrubs and plants. Along the way, there is a small falls as well with much more width. A suspended bridge and a newly-constructed stage shall help you best enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Legends of Dunhinda Waterfall

The falls and the neighboring region are mentioned in various legends of Sri Lanka. The area is said to have been once inhabited by indigenous people of the country from the Vedda tribe. During the reign of King Rajasinhe, a massive fern was stuck at the top of the fall resulting in the flooding of Badulla town. The king commissioned the job of clearing the block to one of his men. It took them three months to clear the water and bring back the town to a normal situation. The legends from 14th century say that princess Mampitiya Anuhas Menike Bandara, daughter of the ruler of Gampola, eloped with her lover and had to drown themselves in the basin of the falls to escape the wrath of her father.

Best Time & Season To Visit Dunhinda Waterfall, Badulla?

Although a visit at any time is worth your time, the best time of the year to see around Dunhinda Falls is months of June and July since the Badulla region where the falls is located looks more pleasant with sunny weather in daytime. It is needed since your visit to Dunhinda Falls is comprised of a little bit of hiking and walking as well. If you don't mind raining, you shall visit the region in the months from November through March during which the falls is super-elegant with a large volume of water.

How To Reach Dunhinda Falls, Badulla?

Dunhinda Waterfall at Badulla is located around 25 Kilometers away from Ella, the major tourist arena nearby. From Ella, it shall take you less than one hour to reach the falls in a car or taxi. From Badulla, the city, you can either rent a tuk-tuk or take a city bus that is available every 30 minutes. From the entrance gate, you need to walk about 1.5 Kilometer to the falls passing several snacks and drinks vendors. The muddy trail shall give you a mini-hiking experience.

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