Doovili Ella Falls

Doovili Ella Falls

With a huge flow of water and a big natural basin, Doovili/ Duwili Ella Falls is a beautiful silver cascade located in the Balangoda area, Ratnapura District. For nature-lovers, a visit to this natural feast shall be a one-of-a-kind-experience since all the pristine forms of the environment create a scenic location around the falls. Giving you a bit of hiking and sightseeing, Duwili Ella Falls is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to visit with your enthusiastic friends. The falls is also known as Duwili Ella and Walawe Ganga East Falls.

Tourist Attractions of Doowili Ella Falls

Although a small cascade, the Doowili Ella Waterfall, that is suspended at 40 meters height, enjoys quite a scenic stream all the way up to its jumping-down station. The waterfall flows through a lush passage that is enclosed by shrubs and packs of trees until it reaches a craggy rock region from which it plummets down with a single drop by splashing away the water all around in a dust manner, thus earning the name Doowili, the Sinhalese term for 'dust'. The water stretch where the falls meets down is quite magnificent being a vast shallow basin. There are a children's park and car parking facility at the falls.

Best Time To Visit Doowili Ella Falls

The best time of the year to visit Duwili Ella Waterfall is the rainy season in the region for enjoying the true representation of "Duwili" (to dust). Ratnapura, the district where the falls is located, observes more amount of precipitation during the months from April through December. You are getting the opportunity to witness the milky rush of falls during the period. Otherwise, the falls shall be a bit dry.

Activities You Would Like Doing Around The Doowili Ella Falls

Besides watching the captivating down-flow of the stream, sightseeing in the area shall be one of the major activities you shall love doing at Doowili Ella Falls. The surrounding flora and fauna is home to a plethora of bird varieties, animals and insect species. You can gently explore the ecosystem here. During cold nights, it would be a perfect choice to spend your time a bonfire by setting up a small camp or tent near the falls overlooking the water. The basin is really adorable with shallow-flowing water. You can take a bath or go swimming in the pours. According to the folktales, swimming in the pool above the falls is not recommended.

How To Reach Doowili Ella Waterfall

Located in Thanjantenna village of Rathnapura district, Doowili Ella Waterfall is 27 Kilometers away from Balangoda. You shall reach the destination by any sort of vehicle. The car park is possible nearby. A few steps from the parking lot shall get you to the observation point. We suggest you go for a 10-minutes hike to reach the fall. If you are heading from Nuwara Eliya, the major tourist arena nearby, you have to take Bodagama-Hambegamuwa-Kaltota Rd/B528 which would require around 4 hours to reach in a car.

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