Bluefield Tea Factory

Bluefield Tea Factory

Bluefield Tea Garden is a popular hillside tea production estate in Sri Lanka located in Rambado town, around 1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by a quite pleasant and scenic environment of lush vegetation and valleys. It is the most visited tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya district in the hill country of the central region that boasts of a stunning landscape encircled by various tea estates and misty mountains. Also called Little England for its resemblance in its infrastructures, Bluefield Tea Factory is for knowing about and purchasing garden fresh tea varieties.

Tourist Attractions At Bluefield Tea Factory

The Bluefield Tea Factory welcomes you to its acres wide marvelous lush estate where you would like strolling enjoying its soothing atmosphere. You get to see the production of the best tea variants in the world. Here you have Tea Lounge to taste estate's own teas and cakes. The estate has a comfortable walk-through all around for you to take a tour of this serene place. For the sake of visitors, the Bluefield Tea Garden has accommodation facilities, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a kiddies park. This tourist destination is the true epitome of Sri Lankan hillsides' elegance.

Story Of Bluefield Tea Factory

Being a prominent tea factory in the country hillside of the nation, Bluefield serves as a finest tourist destination owned by two brothers from the region. Most of the bungalows and houses are modeled on English country architecture. The total population being nearly 1000, 175 families live in its 100 acres surrounding where they have all the facilities like electricity, accommodation, school and health care. The factory houses a strong work force of 300 men and women.

Best Time To Visit Bluefield Tea Factory

Months from February through May are the best time to visit Bluefield Tea Factory since the temperature is quite low and pleasant in the Nuwara Eliya region, where the tea estate is located, perfect for sightseeing and roaming around, with little rainfall in the area. The region feels an average annual temperature of 16 degrees Celsius all year round. Months from June through November can be rainy and difficult for exploring the estate.

Restaurant & Accommodation At Bluefield Tea Factory

In addition to enjoying the scenic location of the estate and its tea brands, hillside accommodation and a grand culinary treat on its own products are important features of the Bluefield tea factory. Various comfy houses made with English countryside design offer housing for visitors and a grand restaurant on site would quench your hunger as well. The Tea Lounge in the area is special for tasting tea varieties and cakes.

Take The World's Best Tea To Your Home

At Bluefield Tea Factory, you are getting introduced to the world's best tea products that have been cultivated and extracted in the most hygienic location. You can purchase and take home all the tea products and variants from its store after feeling satisfied tasting them at its coffee lounge. Various flavored tea and coffee powders are on sale here. Confetti, chocolates, and cakes are other things you can buy from its outlets.

How To Reach Bluefield Tea Factory

Bluefield Tea Factory is located in Rambado town located 28 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya City. If you are traveling from Kandy by road, the spot is 66 kilometers away on the A5 route before reaching Nuwara Eliya's main city. Since there is no airport located nearby, the means for transportation are buses, taxi, and train which would take you less than two hours in either way.

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